• Rollars are a type of local currency called the peoples money because it is created by local businesses to create local jobs.

  • Local currency is a kind of money specific to a local economy or in this case a Creative Economy.

  • Rollars are regular dollar bills that are marked to identify them as units of local currency to be used in a Community First Movement. 

Creative Economy money (CEM) or rational dollars (rollars) are a simple way to promote local economic development
CEM dollars create Econets.
Rollars eliminate the need to seek investment from external sources such as banks and government agencies.
Rollars reduce and eventually eliminate the need for external sources of income (jobs).
Rollars eliminate debt and the need for debt.
Rollars are created from any national currency.
Each bill that is privatized is stamped with an 'R' or other identifying mark.
CEM money is referred to as rollars.

A rubber stamp with a 'R' is purchased.
Money to be converted into rollars is stamped or otherwise marked with a 'R'.
This creates a unit of local or private currency.
Local currency is money used only for purchases of goods and services within an Econet.
These converted dollars are used over and over again within the Creative Economy.
Because converted bills are used only within the Creative Economy for things the Econetic businesses provide local currency remains in the Creative Economy.

The design of the Econet increases the velocity of exchanges.
The faster recycled bills (rollars) move from person to person the more prosperity is increased.
Velocity is increased by increasing specialization.
Econets enable people to specialize.
Prosperity is acheived through specialization.
Developing specialized skills and services increases productivity. This is a natural law of economics.

The value of the dollars reycled depends on the needs and choices of the Econet.
Rollars circulate amongst the members of an Econet so once a rollar is created it remains within the Creative Economy. More rollars need to be created only when the value of transactions increase beyond what the capitalization allows. If rollars are recycled quickly enough even the growth of the exchange may not mean more dollars will need to be converted into rollars.

An Econet is a Creative Economy at the local level.
Econets use rollars.
Econets are capitalized by the conversion of dollars to rollars.
Each person provides what skills and assets they have as market goods and services.
The Ecoenet pays market value for all goods and services exchanged in rollars.
If Bill fixes Sues car Bill is paid by Sue in rollars.
If Bill and Sue set up a mechanics shop Bill and Sue are paid for what they contribute or provide to the business in rollars.



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