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Rational Exchange Is ...

Rational Exchange is ...

  • the economics of freedom (cooperativism)

  • an economy with no inflation (deflation)

  • Local controlled local government (Federalism)

  • local control over local resources (Dominionism)

  • a locally produced and controlled money supply (Rollars)

  • decentralized job creation (entrepreneurism)

  • a resilient and creative local Economy (locavorism)

  • sustainable energy use (transition initiatives)

  • Responsibility matched with authority (decentralization)

  • the devolution of power down to the lowest practical level (Grassroots democracy)

  • protection for the environment (environmentalism)

  • the elimination of social costs  (social justice)

  • The end of socialism, liberalism and globalization (rationalism)

Rational Exchange believes everyone ought to have the right to say No! to costs they did not create. 

Exchanges are people pledged to the right to say No!  

Exchanges use a new form of currency created by and issued on the strength of cooperation.

True money is simply quantified value, or numbers that represents equity. Equity is Positive Value. Exchanges monetize the equity represented by its members assets. Assets applied to the capitalization of the Exchange become equity and this equity is transformed into a member owned and issued currency. Members own and operates local Exchanges for the benefit of the members. Exchanges issue shares based on the equity in the Market and this forms the basis of a new currency. Monetization transforms the value of assets into a local currency for use in the local Exchange. 

Shares reflect Exchange equity and are issued on the basis of assets. Market assets are used as collateral to back the share issue. Shares are issued to the members of the Exchange in an amount that reflects the equity they represent to the Exchange. Shares represent member equity.

People add positive value to the Exchange when they become members. We all bring value to the market. Members are an asset to the Exchange because they create value in the market as they do business in and with the Exchange. Equity is created as members trade goods and services with each other. Monetization gives member equity a specific quantified value and this is used as a currency specific to the market.

Social Networks represent the worlds greatest resource and largest pool of untapped wealth. Social Networks are the original way humans cooperated to create value and lower costs. Exchanges tap into this organizational model. Exchanges are formalized or capitalized social networks. Capitalization turns a social network into a local market that makes and saves money.

Informal Social Networks can be formalized by the addition of an equity based currency.  This turns the activity of a social network into an Exchange.

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