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Humanism is often linked with Humanitarianism and sometimes the two are thought to be synonyms. Humanism is the belief that human values and interests and fulfillment are of paramount importance.

Humanitarianism is a concern for people encompassing the doctrine that humanities sole concern is with the human race.

Being concerned with the welfare of the human race is not identical with thinking that human values are the only thing of importance. Primarily the difference is between ego and service, between thinking what we want is of central importance and considering what others need is what ought to motivate us.

Humanitarianism may in some cases reject God but this is only justified if and when it can be demonstrated that concern for humanities welfare can be fullfilled without referece to God. Humanism is not compatible with the existence of God because Humanism is the specific doctrine that people are our central concern, one cannot be concerned with ones own values and interests and still subordinate oneself to God however, as said, one can realize one needs to be guided by the tenents of Christianity if one is really to demonstrate a true concern for the welfare and benefit of humanity.

In their general description there seems a possibility of consolidation or reconciliation but the more one studies these two doctrines in application the more one realizes there is no possibility of them finding common ground.

Humanitarian may even reject human values and interests if it can be shown that this is not consistent with a true concern for humanity. Humanitarians must do what is right. Humanitarians are governed by a rigid morality.

Humanitarists need a vehicle through which to work. Humanists do not. A humanist can be selfish if he thinks egocentricity is the proper position for a human to adopt. A humanist has no other source of inspiration than his or her own ego. The Humanitarian must find out what is good for humanity. Humanitarians work primarily with humans as a group, as a race but in application the group or community may be the primary vehicle through which he or she works.

The Humanitarian needs objectivity and ought not to be swayed by emotion and prejudice. Humanitarianism is an economic theory because Humanitarianism is about caring for others in a rational and humanitarian way. Humanism is causal and centered on the operator or subject. Humanitarianism is all about the needs of others.

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