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  are you useful or wasted: take our test.   Here Fed up? Depressed? Frustrated? Poor? Unemployed? Marginalized? Confused? 
Debt creates problems - Exchanges eliminate debt.  
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The mission of Rational Exchange is to prove the Existence Of God and this requires a demonstration that belief produces results.

Our Business Statements

  Business owners:
You been misled for 100's of years?
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Money, time our present world our laws and the way we think restrict our choices.    Rationalists

  • What is the most important equation in the world?

  • What is the formulae learned in Economics 101 which no economist understands?

  • What economic fact agreed to by every economist and bookkeeper when understood forces everyone who understands it to be useful?

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and the corruption of freedom .. read more

Do you understand the ethical necessity of going green? Click here

Economic Rationalists  believe waste is unethical and reduces our choices.

Waste And Liabilities
Rational Exchange uses Free Money:
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Entrepreneurialism Defined Modularity
Modularity on Wikipedia
  What is usefulness and how do we measure it?      Usefulness Debt In the U.K.  
  Debt in the U.S. 9 Steps To A Risk Free Community   To Be Of Use                
  what is the moral imperative and what has it to do with the environmental movement?

Liabilities create serious risks
Learn why and how
and what to do about them.  read more ...

Household Debt Canada  
A history of debt
  Rationalism scientific Investing according to objectively verifiable criteria - the 'To Be Of Use' rule Entrepreneurialism  
  Liabilities Communism

Two Choices
Alternative Currencies
Free Money Private Property Rights
Entropy: The concept you do not understand Capitalization
Community Corporations What is futurology? It is is an important way to think about choices.     Find out why
Faith ethical community
Tirade Against Freedom Tragedy Of The Commons

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