Time is entropy. Time runs downhill because everything becomes  less organized over time. This disorder is not created by time it is time. Without disorder, without entropy we would have timelessness. Cars become rusty, shingles curl and shrink, furniture becomes scratched and worn.

Assets represent time well spent. Liabilities are a measure of mismanaged time. Equity is our assets minus total liabilities and gives us our net worth. Effective time management requires we work in ways that create permanent value for the world.

Conflict is entropy and ultimately a waste of time because conflict is destructive and creates costs and any action that creates costs especially costs that society and future generations must pay for should be avoided.

Progress ensures the most effective use of time is made.



Civil Rights:  Conditions that must be met for a people or culture to be considered civilized or a society to be sustainable.



What are civil liberties?

"Civil Rights: What black folks are given in the U.S. on the installment plan, as in civil-rights bills. Not to be confused with human rights, which are the dignity, stature, humanity, respect, and freedom belonging to all people by right of their birth." -Dick Gregory

Like the quote above most people believe Human Rights are different from Civil Rights. Most of us would define civil rights as legal protections given us by the state. The Right not to be subject to arbitrary search and seizure and the right to vote are two examples of civil liberties as encoded in statutes. But when people agitate for greater civil liberties it is because they recognize that human rights and civil rights are at some point connected. 

Civil Rights activists demand the social tools required to exercise free will and ultimately be free to exercise their rationality. Human Rights is the enshrinement of the physical basis of choice or the physical requirements we need to be creative. (Life, liberty, food, water and shelter for example).

Civil Rights and Human Rights are contained in the right to reason or rationality. The ability to make choices carries great responsibility. People in distress have a right to expect those who can help to make that choice. People in a position to help are expected to choose this option.  Realistically this makes no sense and ther are many who are more glad to get help than give it. But to be fully rational we need to do what is right even when inconvenient even when it does not make sense intellectually. Why risk injury or death to save a stranger? But for a rationalist it is not the particulars of the situation that is important it is the precedent, the meaning, the enshrined values that are important. 


The present reality:

The present is what was created from the past and does not necessarily reflect what will be created in the future. We all make choices but we do not necessarily have to make the choices we are expected to make. Rational people are creative people and creative people are by definition unpredictable. If what you create is predictable then a technologist might describe you better.

Third world is a possible future. It is the freedom to innovate. It is an economy that creates money based on creative activity. Only Progressive thinkers can make this reality come about. The choice is a creative one to make or to forgo.




The big problem for everyone is money and yet who realizes money is a problem because we think it is real. Money does not exist - it is just numbers. That paper you carry around and treasure so deeply is just a convention. It is not real money. It is marks on a wall made when we are keeping track of the days. The days are not the marks on the wall and money is not the paper we pass back and forth.

We can make numbers without reference to anything the banks do or own. Indeed banks do not use money between themselves, they merely use debits and credits in the same way the Rational Exchcange does.

No one has more right to make money (in the literal sense) than the people who create the real wealth - so why should we not also create the money used? The Rational Exchange makes this possible. Join the Rational Exchange and make your own money.



Mind is the most constrictive of the boxes we are in. We are victims of the way we think and it is difficult to accept often the way we think is wrong. Intelligence is highly thought of but consists of linear reasoning. It is deductive and tightly focused on the facts directly related to a problem. Rationality is inductive and creative. An intellectual will look at a puzzle as an interesting problem to be solved on its own terms. A rationalist will look and consider what application it has - that is how it fits in with the bigger picture. If it has no use of will not contribute anything to the over-all goals of the rationalist it is discarded.

Most people are rational. It is the normal way to think. This is why cultures who have been less indoctrinated into the intellectual way of thinking do not do well on intelligence tests. Creative people are rational and their goal is to be of use to the world. Capitalists tend to be intellectualists in that they think in terms of profit and disregard the bigger picture including often the consequences of thir actions.

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