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Economics is said to be the study of unlimited wants chasing after too few goods and services. The problem of economics is how to allocate scarce goods amongst these almost infinite wants. This is accomplished by the use of money.

Currency is an asset created in units that are multiples of itself to represent an almost infinite range of values. The use of money facilitates the exchange of goods and services. But this statement holds true only so long as there is money available.

Money allows us to quantify the value of what we are buying or selling instead of having to relativize it to some other good or service as is done in direct barter. The downside is that we need money before we can buy. If we have no money we cannot, in an economic sense register our Demand. A person who buys a bungalow registers a Demand for bungalows but the person that does not buy any form of housing has no voice in the housing market.

A weakness in the economic development strategies the world uses is that without people buying business does not have an incentative to hire workers. As we know it is the worker who is the active consumer. In a very real sense the worker has to exist before the consumer exists but economic development has trouble creating workers when the Demand is not already in place.

Demand exists in exchanges because the money the Exchange uses is created by the Demand for goods and services. Our money is the measure of the Demand created not a seperate entity.

Governance in an Exchange is part of the Exchange. Exchanges do not use supervision or political oversight in the way the world understands it. It is a market  that allows goods and services to be bought and sold without the limits imposed by currency shortages and debt.




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