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Everytime you sell or buy you are in business. But of coure most businesses in this sense are very transitory. There is no real reason for dividing business and consumers. Governments do this for their own reasons. Because the division is artificial government politicies can make it difficult for small business people to market their products and services. In the old days of small, mixed farming most of what the famer ate and wore may have come from his farm. He made much of what he used and fixed most of the things that needed repair. But even a more specialized business may have trouble keeping what is business and what is private seperated

A baker feeds his family the bread he bakes. But does he buy it from his store? Does he write it off as a loss? Governments provide extensive instructions on how to deal with all of the issues that come up in a business. But business people find there are always issues that are not easily addressed.

A person who deals in household items may buy from an auction stuff that is destined for sale but may send sometime in use at home. He may also put goods for sale in an auction that come from his home and business. It takes a great deal of discipline and time to keep accounts apart. Then there are ones utility and maintainence costs. Perhaps a business has two vehicles on form home use and one for business use but both may be used for either purpose from time to time. The government of course requires those who go into business to find a way to keep their private affairs and business affairs seperate and it is no excuse to argue it is next to impossible to do so.

We see this same sort of official psychosis in the seperation of the consumer and the worker who  in the real world are the same person. Economics view those who purchase goods and services differently from the workers who make the products and provide the services but these are one and the same.

The point is that the distinction between worker and consumer is political and a consequence of a form of governance that needs to be replaced. Exchanges are a form of governance that makes no distinction between what is private, what is business or who is a worker and who is a consumer.

Exchanges are owned by those who use them thus they are units of self-government. Exchanges use a private currency called rollars. A member is able to sell to any other member. Because Exchanges use rollars no one is short of money. This keeps Demand high and stimulates economic development.



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