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People who have businesses are referred to as capitalists because they acquire capital and invest it in a way that will make them money. Perhaps you intend to start a business in this way. If so you may have difficulty acquiring the capital you need. You may know that new businesses have a propensity to fail, most do so in the first five years. Within a few short years most entrepreneurs are broke, burned out and seriously disillusioned. Restaurants are notoriously short lived.

A common alternative is the franchise. One buys into an established brand, gets management protocols and an operations manual and a job for life. The advantage is that the demands are lower on the owner. The requirments to operate a franchise are similar to what is required of a manager.

For most people acquiring sufficient capital whether to start a stand-a-lone business or a franchise means risking their home and savings. It may also require the borrowing of large sums of money and being committed to large monthly expenses in rent, supplies, energy and transportation and marketing costs.

A business is also a huge commitment in time and on ones skill set. The demands of running a business often requires owners to venture far out of their comfort zone and multitask a wide range of disparate skills. The strain is too much for most people.

Exchanges are:

A new way to do business that is risk free

A new way to do business that is easy

A new way to do business that does not create or need debt

A new way to do business that uses what you have and know and can do

A new way to do business that can be started where you are with what you have

A new way to do business that can be started with who you are and what you are good at

A new way to do business in which there is no need to multitask or be proficient at many different things

A new way to do business that is so simple anyone can do it.

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