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If there is a right and wrong of living, of acting and of believing then there is a right and wrong way of thinking and choosing and being and living and believing. There is a logic to the world and a logic of existence. There are rules and standards that we cannot escape. There are rules and standards to life. It is important to understand the Rules Of Living. To succeed we must learn to live within them for this is the only way to reduce risk. All actions that do not comply with the Rules of life increase risk and rationality is not consistent with actions that increase risk.


We have, in this life, but two choices. This is not negotiable. The options are contradictory and incompatable. The paths cannot be reconciled or made to co-exist, not in reality, not in our conscience or consciousness nor in theory or in our ways of living. At each step we are confronted with the inescapable fact we must choose one path or the other. We can live in a way that does not increase risk, rationally and cooperatively and work together ... the way the world works, or live entropically and waste what we are given. The former creates prosperity and the latter path increases risk.


The struggle we have is with the forces of darkness and destruction, of waste and entropy. With all that which increases risk.


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Revised August 13, 2013