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Business is about creating jobs. It does not matter what kind of business you hope to start the process begins with finding the right resources and dedicating them to the objectives of business which in the end is job creation.

All of us are embedded in a system that is neither convenient or just for it actually turns the objectives of business on their head. Capitalism is as much about eliminating jobs as about making profits.

Rationality is considered  to be a diffuse and broadly applicable concept but at heart rationality produces jobs. Creating jobs requires specialization because unless we specialize we are all doing everything ourselves. Specialization requires us to discover not just what others need but what we need to do and to have to be at our best. Prosperity is best acheived by finding out what we are good at and what we love to do and finding a way to deliver this to others.

Specialization recognizes we are limited in what we can do. We are especially limited in what we can do well. Businesses exist because people realize there is an advantage in doing one thing well and trading with others.

There is a logic and rationality to existence. There is a right and wrong way to live. We all have many choices but in every situation there is only one right choice, particular to us and our location in time and space. This is brought to fruitation in business. Business is the fullest expression of the logic and rationality of life when business is defined as the activity of generating jobs.

Needing to go outside of ones network to acquire resources to start a business creates unnecessary complication and risk. Needing the services of banks creates competition for money which the banks mediate and profit from creating risk. This does not ensure the best course of action is always pursued. Starting a business requires a person find out what they are good at and specializing in this. But if the bank holds the key to the realization of your dreams and does not agree with your estimation you probably will not be able to explore your potential.

If you have a passion for bookkeeping you need not only to find people who need a good bookkeeper you need to convince bankers that you are as good as you think you are and that others have a need of your services. This has nothing to do with your skills as a bookkeeper and everything to do with being able to convince banks of your potential to earn them a profit.

Job Exchanges change everything because they plug into the social capital that is inherent in human organization. People in groups are able to specialize and take advantage of economies of scale. The skills and resources a bookkeeper needs already exists somewhere in your Social Network - you simply have to access the resource. Job Exchanges allow you how to get what you need within your existing Social Network. An informal Social Network is limited in what it can do. Social Networks are primarily restricted to barter exchanges. Capitaized Networks are able to engage in proper economic exchanges consistent with the needs of complex economies and thus Capitalization allows a Social Network to create jobs. 

Capitalize your existing Social Network using the programs contained in this site and you can start any business and by this means create jobs automatically.


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