Business is the application of a particular method of creating choice consistent with a theory of value contained in the economics of which it reflects and is part. Through the activities of business the structures of community are created/changed. Rationalism is a way of doing business that is powerful. Rationalism creates a method of doing business based on the modular plan. In a Rational (socially engineered) Market all costs are contained in the price of a product or service. This forces businesses based on the Rationalism design to be more efficient. Efficiency increases as accurate knowledge of costs increases. Sin destroys the connection between the cost of production and the price. It is in the best interest of private enterprise to privatize profits and socialize costs. Because the price of a product does not reflect its true cost decisions are not made on the basis of accurate information.

Modular organization requires private ownership. Each person in a position of trust is required to determine the value of what she or he is doing. In a system based on personal ownership the individual seeks to obtain the best value within the performance of their job and are paid accordingly.

It is in the best interest of a business and the economy to have all costs paid for by the person that created the cost. The highest level of efficiency requires a rational market and accurate information on the costs of producing goods and services.


The Rules Of Reason:

  • Rationality in business requires accurate understanding of costs

  • Personal ownership requires every individual be personally responsible for the costs they create by and through the exercise of their ownership

  • The costs of a business must be made available as accurate information.

  • The more information one has available to them and the greater its accuracy the more rational the choices made






Changing The Way The World Does Business

the alleviation of risk