Business is the application of economics to everyday life. Rationalism produces a way of doing business that creates an improved Free Market. This is a market in which buyers and sellers have equal power because they have accurate information regarding costs. In the controlled market of Capitalism sellers have acquired political and commercial leverage. This allows them to externalize some of their costs. Externalization distorts the information buyers get and therefore the market itself becomes distorted. The Modular Market is the most efficient market possible because it prevents sellers from externalizing costs and therefore selling goods and services at a price that does not reflect the true costs of production. The modular form of organization creates a balance of power that prevents exploitation and subjugation. A Modular Market forces buyers and sellers to act, as they ought, rationally on the basis of accurate information. The Modular Market is ethical in operation.

It is not normal to associate business with Christianity. Many devote Christians feel that to be focused on money is to take our focus off God. This is true. Focusing on money or being motivated by greed takes our eyes off God but this is not synonymous with owning a business. Having assets or owning a business is not wrong it is the way we use what we have been given that is wrong. The use to which we put our hands and minds can be equally ungodly. This applies to all gifts given to us by God. Success in Capitalism or as a Capitalist requires we make a profit. Profits require the business owner to focus on the expenditures of his business and the income it earns. But the pressure of making money can lead to unethical and even illegal practices. Philanthropy is often engaged in by those who succeed in earning vast fortunes but philanthropy does not cancel out the sin of greed. Ultimately a business can only give out of its surplus. This is not a form of giving recognized in the Bible. Since we are expected to do good regardless of our financial status being generous after one has reaped ones ill-gotten gains will not compensate for any sins committed whilst amassing this wealth. A criminal does not erase his crime by giving 25% of what he steals to charity.

In a genuinely free market business activity builds community. A business that provides more wealth for the community than it consumes is a moral business. Businesses are as ethical as their prices are inclusive. The price of goods and services must encompass all costs generated by the production process. Externalized costs creates an entropic market. This harms community. It creates debts the community pays for.







Business Overview

the elimination of risk