Cosmology is the study of the universe, technically energy, mass and motion are measured. Each is defined in terms of the other in classical cyclic reasoning.  Energy is defined by Einstein's famous equation. Mass is derived from this same equation and motion ultimately is changes in mass as only acceleration can be determined without a particular frame of reference, for example the earth.

Rationalism  postulates the existence of a dynamic particle labelled the Rationalism This is the particle of consciousness and choice  and the means by which things connect.  This particle has two states comparable to an on and off switch. These states are integral to it and compose its entire essence. The ability to change from one state to the other is intrinsic to its nature.

Rationalism predicts reality is inherently unpredictable. The structure of the Rationalism is such that any particular state cannot be predicted from any present state. Rationalism predicts that if a phenomenon is repeated in a predictable manner an observer cannot determine whether this response is by choice or the result of natural law. Conversely, if a phenomenon is repeated predictably a finite number of times the probability that it will continue to do so increases but the possibility of it not doing so is never eliminated. Probability within the natural world is never 100%.

If a train arrives at a particular station every day at precisely the same time a dispassionate observer does not have tools to determine whether this happens by choice or is a manifestation of natural law. The system itself can never  provide the observer with grounds for proving the presence of natural law rather than sentience. A system that possesses choice is by definition a sentient being in that a system that suggests governance by natural law is also a system that suggests governance by sentient choice. Rationalism postulates the equivalence of mind and choice. A system that is able to choose has by definition a mind. Mind is the activity of choosing.

Choice is not causal. When we observe a direct link between an effect and a cause and categorically rule out choice, mind is not involved. At the same time if we cannot ascertain a causal link between the cause and the effect it is not appropriate to rule out the existence of a reoccurring choice mediated by a mind. When we observe that when energy is applied to a system a specific reaction occurs we know this is a mechanical result. We understand the technology involved. Or, do we? When an event reoccurs we only know that it does not why it does. Is the possibility that a choice is being made more mysterious than the operation of natural law? What is natural law? What is energy? What is an effect? If predictability is the consequence of reoccurring choices being made natural law is actually made more rational and less mysterious. If energy is the manifestation of choice then events are as natural as choosing which channel to watch on TV. But we have to accept that mind is an inherent attribute of matter and matter must be viewed as animate. Who has seen inanimate matter when matter is in the traditional view composed of energy? The world is alive though not necessarily conscious in the way we are conscious. Energy as mind making choices presupposes reality will perform in ways we understand but not in ways we can always predict. Rationality is an inherent attribute of mind.  So it is not strange that the universe is rational. Nor is it strange that a rational universe is suited for human life. The universe chooses to act in a way that inevitably provides existence. Whether we choose to think this way or the old way is of course up to us. We have the choice. The only question we need to consider is that given that we do have the choice where did this choice come from?

The old cosmology does not explain consciousness. Nor, does it explain why the world is rational. Indeed the old cosmology must forever remain mute as to the why of things.


 Revised April 10, 2010, August 7, 2011


Us Entrepreneurs view of reality is based on choice. The universe is composed of choice. Routine or laws exist because of choice. Doint right creates choice or value and so this determines whether we act in a regular and predictable manner, for example when others or the situation requires this or we are unpredictable and creative.