Rationality is about reducting risks. Health is a major component of the risks we face. It seems every year introduces a new, virlent and often incurable disease, meanwhile the common maladies all seem on the uprise often to the point where incidence are of epidemic proportions.

How responsible is this way of life we have adopted?

Are we exposing ourselves and our children to unnecessary risk? Many groups have refused to adopt the modern worlds way of living, the Amish are one example though there are others. A recent report states that many of the diseases prevelant in modernized sectors are rare in Amish societies, autism is one example cited. Is this true? How responsible is modern medicine for modern diseases, how culpable is the agricultural sector for the ill-health that seems to be the standard condition of modern peoples? How do we as a community and individuals within a community, reduce the risks to our health represented by the numerous epidemics?