Theology is the study of religion and more specifically God. Anaturalists seek to understand God in social engineering terms. This is not to devalue God nor surely to depersonalize Him. Rationalism postulates that God's rule is beneficial. God is not human nor motivated by human aspirations and so can be trusted.

Naturalists consider God unimportant, non-existent or potentially evil. Anaturalism is the belief nature is an illusion and composed of concepts. God is not only relevant but the central concept of existence and that without the concept of God nothing makes sense. His existence is necessary for reality to be cohesive and life to have meaning.  (Objective Verification Of God’s Existence).

Choice requires a commitment to what is chosen otherwise nothing is really chosen/decided. Marriage is a commitment as much as a choice and without the commitment the choice is an illusion. This is in itself a sin for inevitably costs are created that the person who creates them cannot pay.

To commit to a choice requires something to commit to. One may under certain circumstances commit to an ideal but it is easier to commit to an ideal person - the Divine Being of God.

Social engineering is a technology of social change and therefore cannot, by definition, be subject to human concerns. Because humans are sinners social engineers cannot in good conscience be answerable to a particular segment of humanity. There has to be a higher goal to strive for than popularity.

God's existence is a necessary postulate for a true engineer. We need God to provide rational answers to mankind's problems.

Rationalism postulates that God's existence is a required, hypothesis. The fact that it is necessary for God to exist to rationally comprehend the world scientifically and provide social engineering solutions, proves He exists. God in fact must exist.

If we can create social change in a predictable way consistently on the basis of God existing then this constitutes a scientific and technological proof of God.

  • Belief in God is meaningless unless you live consistent with your belief. 

  • Faith in the truth creates consistency of results due to acting right.

  • If there is a truth then to live in conformity with the truth is the rational thing to do.

  • To live outside of what is true and right is irrational by definition.

  • If one believes in God the reality of Him is so immense that we become by default brothers and sisters. The differences between us become as nothing compared to the immense difference between Him and mortal man.

  • How can we as humans condemn one another for distinctions that, in God's eyes, are as two apples seem to us?







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