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The Meaning of Peace

Peace is the absence of hate in all its forms even incipent hate that is hate that is less than overt but betrays a 'me first 'protocol. Peace is not consistent with any form of social division and social conflict. There is no freedom in hate. Hate is created from division and builds walls.

Children brought up by people who hate learn to hate or learn it is ok to express hate and they will pick on vulnerable targets, it may be someone of another race or it may be of another sex or the new kid in town. Bullies are predators and predators look for the sick, the weak, the vulnerable, the exposed. Racism is a human problem but it is not the central problem, hate is the root problem and behind the problem of hate is the problem of people who accept hate as a reasoned response. But this is not even the most pressing issue. The problem is a culture that sees unemployment and marginalization as socially acceptable, who knows there are tens of thousands of old people locked in old age prisons for getting old and accept this as normal or at least as necessary. The problem is seeing children die of starvation and homelessness and poverty and thinking that the system that produces these things is not itself evil. So long as we feel justified in grabbing what we can and think freedom means struggling to get what is ours while envying those who were more successful in their greed and selfishness there will never be any peace. We can call the absence of peace racism, sexism, ageism or anything else what it is is a way of thinking and acting that sees freedom as causing division and justifies the division.

We walk around with this stone in our shoe not willing to stop and take it off. So really, if you are not going to wake up and express some interest in changing the system then it sparks of hypocrisy to bemoan a few of its effects. There are millions of children dying of hunger because we are not willing to change the way we have become used to living. People run for the cure .. well nothing is going to get cured by running. We have to fundamentally change the way we do things, if we want peace we need to adopt the economics of peace. Serving one hot meal a year to people being treated as if they were surplus equipment will not change the fact our economic thinking pits us against them, they in our minds are competitors for our jobs and place in the sun so secretly I think many want to keep them destitute and begging because it makes us feel like we have climbed the ladder a bit further than some. We are humans, humans are not individuals they are a community. Humans with part of their number beaten down are not fully human and I mean the population. We are marred as much by our successes as our failures. When our success means we have to beggar someone else or treat them as second class citizens then we all lose. That is just the way it is. You cannot be human and allow inhumanity to exist. We cannot call ourselves liberal when our freedom imprisons others.

Liberals have a choice we can view freedom as being associated and based on the possession of private property or a social condition. Liberals can put People First or the things of the material world. When we think it is ok or necessary to meter out the necessities of life as if there were a gift we debase ourselves. Our meaness may or may not impact those who our lives touch but it is guaranteed to harm us.


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