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Monetary Deregulation

Freedom is not possible without money. We cannot liberate humanity until we liberate monetary policy. If we leave monetary policy in the hands of the state how can we abdicate?

Freedom means monetary deregulation. Without this we do not have nor can we have, freedom. We most certainly cannot possess anarchy.

Liberalization of Monetary Policy does not mean deregulation the financial markets. This is done pursuent to every bubble. Deregulating a market simply puts control into the hands of those who control the market, it unleashes them. Deregulating Monetary Policy allows the people to remove money from the grip of the financial sector.

The mission of Rational Exchange is to bring entrepreneurs to an understanding and acceptance of anarchy. Only in anarchy is a free market possible. Free markets require a deregulated currrency. The secret to anarchy is intellectual integrity. Our conceptualizations must be coherent, that is without conflicts and contradictions  or inconsistencies. Our thinking has to be elegant.




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