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When someone has a good idea the money has to be available to implement it. Those who control the supply of money control entrepreneurial innovation. Rationalists believe the money supply represents too much power to be left in the hands of any group of people. Freedom requires the free market control the money supply.

Rationalists believe freedom requires assets. To make a choices requires the disposition of assets. All choices that are made require and result in a redisposition of assets. When we make choices we choose to keep something we value but give up other assets we value less, to gain those things we value more. Freedom is the freedom to keep and dispose of what we will. This freedom is encapsulated in what are called Private Property Rights.

Rational Exchange is a Globalist Think Tank. The work of entrepreneurs increases private property rights and property values. The key tool we use to promote entrepreneurialism is Rational Monetarism, the belief that all wealth is created by the free market working through private property values and that the money supply determines how well or poorly the free market does this but the best results are acheived by entrusting the money supply to the free market.

Everyone exists in a context unique to them, we all occupy a specific time and place. Rational Exchange believes in entrepreneurs because they are a way to focus on niche marketing. One car cannot be made for everyone as there are many different needs and different tastes. This creates different markets which different makers and models focus on. Rational Exchange believes every community is a custom market and requires a custom solution. A solution best found by entrepreneurs serviced by the free market.

Rational Exchange promotes the global issues of Private Property Rights, Free Trade, and entrepreneurialism. Rational Monetarism is the belief that control of the money supply is best entrusted to the free market, Rational Exchange uses money produced and controlled by the free market.


Private Property Rights increase property values.

Entrepreneurs working through the free market are the key

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