The Free Market Mysteries:  The Mystery Of Mysteries

Mystery is a failure to understand the Natural Law that governs reality and upon which all false doctrines and unethical practice comes to a bad end. Natural Law is not mysterious. Natural Law is what governs the reality and to which our creativity must comply. Our problems exist because we reject the power and authority of Natural Law and ultimately the tenets of Creativity for creativity to blossom has to comply with the way reality is organized. We cannot be fully creative if we do not understand the world we live in.

The revelation of mystery is gnosis but gnosis is the revelation of Natural Law and an introduction to the creative process, the underying harmony that governs all existence and governs our creativity as it governs the creativity of the universe. The mystery of mysteries is why there is darkness or conflict with Natural Law - why we are not free to be creative, it can also be asked why mankind is not more sensitive to the naturally creative process of creation - why we do not seek to live within the creativity of Natural Law. Much of what passes for gnosticism perpetuates the obsfucation originating with the darkness of the industrial minded causalists. Many so-called gnostics spin reams of undecipherable and meaningless rhetoric that enlightens no one and explains nothing. If a teaching is not aligned with Natural Law it will not align with our creative potential.

Truth is simple and mystery is not some impenetrable jungle of jargon. Mystery is a truth our hearts conflict with. Mystery never exists in the world. The mystery always reside in an angry and rejecting heart that does not want to create what it has been given to create, the angry heart is a disobedient heart.

The mystery of mysteries is why there is even any mystery and why some people do not wish to accept the obvious truth that reality is as they see it?

Mystery I:  The Mystery Of Transparency

The greatest mystery is why there is mystery. For we are part of nature and there is no reason why we should not understand nature and certainly no reason why we do not understand ourselves. This extends to the mystery of why we cannot live well as we ought. Read more

Mystery II:  The Mystery Of Prosperity

Life is full of mystery. Usually we do not think much about the mysteries of life. Since a mystery is by definition mysterious there seems to be no answer to the mystery so it seems justified not to give the mystery much thought. Prosperity is one of the mysteries that we all see, which appears mysterious and yet which is only mysterious because we do not understand how to live in a decentralized way. Should we be rewarded for doing the wrong thing? Read More

Mystery II:  The Mystery Of Business

Not many people think businesses are a mysterious entity. Perhaps the opposite would be closer to the truth. Most of us see businesses as far too ordinary, even boring. Perhaps this the most mysterious aspect about business - that people do not find business mysterious. Whereas much that people find mysterious is commonplace business is actually quite a mystery. Read more


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