If a program creates costs for those not on the program it is a problem not a solution.

Rational Exchange programs are funded by the program through the use of the program.

Government programs are generally reactive. Their constituents have a problem which the program attempts to fix. This is negative government.  Positive Government

  • Tired of the high cost of beef. Learn a new way of buying top quality beef at the lowest possible price. You might even make money. Cheap Beef Plan

  • Commercial pet foods are expensive and of very low quality. Your pet deserves better. Discover the better way. Pet Food Plan

  • Bad habits are just that; habits that are bad. You can have good habits if you take it one step at a time.  One bad habit many have is eating badly. Over-weight is one symptom but bad health and poor disposition are others. Bad eating habits can be corrected. The Baby Diet

  • A program for churches. Build up your small groups. A Program For Churches

  • Help feed the hungry with this program. Feed The Hungry

  • Are you one of the many people without money? Learn to make you own. Its legal and you don't need money to start. Make Money literally using an Exchange program to generate economic development

  • While we are on the subject of money learn about alternative currencies and why they are an important addition to the social engineers tool bag. Alternative Currencies

  • Retail Cooperative





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