The baby diet is not a diet for babies. It is a diet composed of baby steps. In this sense it is a diet for those with the will power of babies - which includes us all.

The problem with diets is that they lack a clear rewards system No one is over-weight due to a conscious choice. You cannot reason away irrationality. Over-eating is a compulsion; it is a habit built up over years. People eat in unhealthy ways because they choose to but it is a choice made because the ability to think clearly was not available. A person does not look at a carrot and a piece of cake as perfectly interchangeable options. The person who selects the carrot does not want the cake. The person who chooses cake over carrots is often all but repelled by the idea of eating carrots. A person wishing to lose weight needs to change the way they value food.

A person may chew the odd piece of gum. This is a weak habit. Others chew gum incessantly. This is a strong habit. What a person needs to do is to get in the habit of creating good habits. This is where diets fail. A person reduces his or her calories but has not got into the habit of creating good habits and so the diet ends and the old bad habits are reestablished. Ultimately people get into the habit of failing.

A person who wishes to lose weight must get into the habit of forming good habits. Once this is done then good habits become something that lasts forever. A bad habit once forgone is gone. It cannot be reborn. It cannot be re-adopted in a modified guise. It does not matter how insignificant the habit. If it is something you do not wish to possess then create a better habit.

The more small habits you eliminate the more habits you can eliminate. The passion you may have for sweet things is simply a habit built up over the years. The more sweet things you remove from your diet the more the habit will weaken. Each sweet treat taken out of your diet adds to the strength of your new habit.

The secret to the success of this program is to start as small as possible. Pick weak habits and replace them with good habits. It is not what you are no longer doing that is important it is the habit you are building up of creating good habits. Once this habitual desire to create good habits has been formed you will discover you do have strong will power after-all.

To assist in the formation of good habits price your options. If you make a right choice award yourself a given number of credits. Bad choices are penalized by a system of debits. If you are smaoking 24 cigerettes a day and wish to cease smoking reward yourself 10 credits for every hour you do not smoke and debit yourself 10 units for every cigerette smoked. If you start to eat as compensation then debit your snacks and reward healthy meal choices. The more precise and comprehensive you make the program the more effective it will be.

The program can be done as a group activity or individually.




The Entreprenet Diet