We are used to earning money though it is refer to as making money. Making money in the literal sense is usually left to governments and counterfeiters. Yet, it is possible to actually make money and to do it legally. We only need to alter our consciousness as to what money is.

Money is a way to keep accounts. So money imposes obligations onto others. If you have money I am obligated to accept it for whatever I have that I am selling.

Employers take the products of our labor and mediate the exchanges we make one with another. When barter was discontinued and direct contact between the makers of things ended the situation was ripe for people who could connect the maker of cars with the maker of shirts. Those who made things made things for the middleman. The middleman or employer took what we produced and gave us money. The worker then used money to buy things one step removed from those who made the things they needed.

The power to be a middleman came from having money. Because I could no longer take my chickens and trade it for the machinery you were selling those who had money hired you to make machines and hired me to produce chickens. They sold you the products of my labor and me the things you produced. This seemed like a good idea.

But was it? The loss of independence is never a good thing. Choices were restricted to those the middleman profited from. I can only work at what someone has found a way to profit from. I can buy only those goods and services that produce a profit for someone who had the money to start a business selling the product or service. In short the market we have inherited is not a neutral place representing wants or even needs. It is a place that reflects Demand. If a product does not make money then money is not used to produce it. 

Money for money is not a true picture of economic need. You may want your house painted and Joe may be a painter looking for work but unless you have money to pay Joe you cannot get him to paint your house. You may wish to fix cars and Joe may have a broken car needing repair but under normal circumstance you and he are powerless to exchange work for work until you can exchange money for money. You pay Joe and Joe pays you. In short helping each other must wait until you obtain the required funds from someone else who will not give you any money unless they can make more money.

The Rational Exchange is a place where work is paid for by work. You can have Joe paint your house regardless of whether or not you have money.

The Rational Exchange


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How to make money, literally and legally