Government are considered 'servants of the people'. In this role governments remedy a problem when the private sector is unable or unwilling to implement a solution. They do this through taxing the private sector and using these funds to implement a solution.

But governments often confront a contradiction imposed by their use of money. Unemployment for example is tackled by creating conditions that should produce more jobs but borrowing money or hiring more public employees can create conditions which hurt the ability of the private sector to create jobs.

Governments efforts to reduce unemployment includes hiring people unable to find a private sector job or reducing taxes so people have more money to spend and businesses more money to invest or governments may increase public spending so that jobs are created to supply the Demand. All of these approaches tend to increase government debt which generally takes money from the private sector. Governments tax away 50% of our income and have not solved unemployment. Indeed the level of acceptable unemployment has an upward trend.

Positive government is a government that uses credit to acheive objectives normally tackled by creating debt. Entreprenets allow governments to spend without creating debt and without having to collect taxes. Entreprenets can be used to create infrastructureal improvements or community groups. Either solution puts credit into the economy.

If a government hires a contractor to build a road the assets of the community increases and the contractor is awarded a share of these assets in the form of credit meaning she has a right to a given value of assets belonging to the community. This is work for work. The work the contractor does entitles her to a share of the work the community does. Credits are the amount of value available to be exchanged for assets. Credits are a claim on the assets of a community.

When assets are used they become debits. Debits are a measure of assets used or consumed. They tell us that the credits belonging to one person have been transferred to someone else in the community.

Entreprenets are groups formed to exchange work for work. They determine what asset they can create with the least cost. Often this means replacing some expensive low quality commercial product with a custom made formulation geared to the groups specific needs.

Within the Money System to get credit one has to acquire debt. Money is a private product and so is always owned by someone. People if they wish to buy petfood need to acquire money first.

Entreprenets are made up of 3 to 15 people who associate to produce a consumer good or service without the use of money. Goods and services within the group are exchanged using the facilities of the Rational Exchange. Money is not used and money does not change hands within the entreprenet. People are paid for what they bring to the group in credits and their consumption is paid for by debits.   








 Positive Government