This program can be used to seed a community. It can be started by individuals, groups or public bodies. A retail location needs to be found and organized into square foot sections or multiples thereof. These are rented out to members for the sale of personal or commercially produced local products and services. Each participant rents a space composed of so many sequare feet. This space is theirs to decorate and present and they choose within the restrictions imposed by the stores administration.

Restrictions may relate to health issues, age issues, or content. For example the retail location may specialize in art or hardware and restrict displays to this category of merchandise.

Each member owns one share of the facility regardless of the amount of space occupied. Space is rented from the store. The store makes its money on renting space and charges rents sufficient to pay costs and build up a community fund for expansion, and a reserve for non-recurring items.

Facilities may be provided for food processing. This can include animal feed and human consumption whether of meat, preserves, herbs and spices, baking and so on.

Particularly if the local government is involved empty locations should be made available for community use. Whether for crafts, art, services.



Retail Cooperative