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The human race initially lived in small social and extended family units called tribes. These tribes competed with one another but cooperated internally. They served as small, self-contained economies in which exchanges were governed by complex systems of obligations. Over time the successful tribes and their vassels grew into city states. City states became nations and while amalgamation at each level required better systems of administration the result of achieving this level of organization made administrative collapse very unpleasent.

Ethics is ultimately concerned with eliminating compulsion and obligation. Freedom of choice is a desired end but it often appears to conflict with the means of acheiving it. Democracy is about popular power and if the people cannot protect their democratic rights tyranny soon appears. But often it seems that we are asked more and more to give up our democratic freedoms in the name of their protection.

Community Marketing Boards are a comunity initiative and what amounts to a Grassroot Democracy Movement that uses Free Local Money to acquire local resources and increase local ownership of a communities natural resources

Exchanges (CMB) use an accounting system similar to that used by banks and other corporations for their internal accounting. Bank accounts create debt CMB use Positive Money and Positive Accounting sometimes referred to as Pay It Forward lending. The CMB represents the fiduciary interest of the Boards Monetary System. 

Bankruptcy for a CMB member would be as likely as one bank branch closing down on account of a debt it owed to another branch of the same bank. Exchanges eliminate the prospect of a creditor seizing the goods of a debtor as the reisk is bundled in the equity of the Exchange.

CMB do not benefit from Board Member incurring debt. Board Members are never charged interest on any credit issued. Boards are not made richer by extending credit to members. Because interest is not levied there is no hesitation about members seeking credit. Because credit benefits the Board there is no reason for the Board not to extend credit when it is requested.

Children do not inherit debt from their parents nor are parents indebted to their children. They help one another without requiring one make interest payments to another. Helping one family member helps all and helping all helps the individual member. The credit limit in a family is based on what the family has.

If you are in a community that has unemployment, poverty and debt ask to have a CMB set up where you live. CMB have the ability to give everyone jobs and provide businesses with the start up capital they need.


Please contact rational@rationalexchange.com for more information about getting a Community Marketing Board for your town or city.





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