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The Quality Of Life Index now referred to as the where-to-be-born index is a compilation of 10 significant variables that are considered to contribute to a long and happy life.

  • Material well-being as measured by GDP per capita (in $, at 2006 constant PPPS)
  • Life expectancy at birth
  • The quality of family life based primarily on divorce rates
  • The state of political freedoms
  • Job security (measured by the unemployment rate)
  • Climate (measured by two variables: the average deviation of minimum and maximum monthly temperatures from 14 degrees Celsius; and the number of months in the year with less than 30mm rainfall)
  • Personal physical security ratings (based primarily on recorded homicide rates and ratings for risk from crime and terrorism)
  • Quality of community life (based on membership in so­cial organisations)
  • Governance (measured by ratings for corruption)
  • Gender equality (measured by the share of seats in parliament held by women).

This is as can be expected issues with at least some of these measures.GDP is a poor indicator of a nations economic efficiency and the gender equality index only looks at a single axis of change.



















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