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Rationalism is the philosophical belief that humans possess inherent wisdom or knowledge.  This position has been contested by some but the economics of rationality that is the economic basis of rationality was not previously understood.

Rationalists believe in the need for and the possibility of objective standards.

The inherent wisdom of humans manifests itself in economics or our unique ability to  engage one another in a quantitative way. Irrationality is associated with debt and more generally with the idea of waste or actions that are detrimental to the financial integrity of the team. Without rational standards our actions tend not to be rational. Rationality requires an objective component or standard to guide it.

Financial institutions are far more central to the moral and spiritual integrity of humankind that has ever been imagined, this is why their lack of integrity has been so damaging.

Humans have an intrinsic and inbuilt understanding of waste and the value and importance of being useful and all of this have their financial correlates. Without financial markets and economics human beings would not be able to make sense of the world or establish a purpose. Our rationality and understanding has an anthropological and economic base. Epistomology requires we comprehend the link between our inherent ability to categorize and prioritize in terms of the financial worth or the things we produce. But if our economics are skewed our values will be likewise corrupted and our sense of purpose perverted by wrong values and a false sense of worth.

Rationalists do not believe the natural world is red in tooth and claw. Ecology is more akin to a natural economics than ruthless competition. The best of all possible environments is not arrived at by an all out battle to see who is left standing.

Business is not about satisfying Demand in an unstructured and neutral market which has no values and no standards. Results matter. There are always consequences. Business is not about getting ahead of the curve and winning at the expense of the team or community it is about what makes economic sense from the perspective and objective of a quantifiable standard.

The financial sector is the seed bed of debt. Speculators outsource and offshore jobs undermining labour at one end of the productive spectrum and importing cheap substitutes for locally produced goods at the other. Gutting the local economy to provide cheaper products for the consumer while egnoring the fact that consumers live somewhere and it is consumers working in a local economy that drives the market. This is irrational because it does not make economic sense. If one cannot justify a business decision by economic analysis and an objective standard one cannot morally or ethically justify it either.

Goods imported that increase local unemployment are or represent toxic assets or assets that represent debt and a burden to the economy. They may have value to someone but the income does not cover the costs. Only unscrupulous accounting enables such actions to be justified.




















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