Resistance is not futile, it is necessary for survial. Unless we wish to imagine the world exists to pander to our needs we must resign ourself to fight for the right to exist. The degree with which we need to oppose others is proportionate to the degree its existence is incompatible with our own. The opposition does not come in peace, it comes to occupy, it comes to destroy.

We do not exist as a treasure and a thing of great value to others. We are a restraint and a burdan to others. So it is that to some extent we must earn the right to exist.

The more compatible two lives the less effort survival requires. But there comes a time when your very existence is viewed as a threat to some other life.

The process of stripping power from the base has been going on for many decades, primarily since the 60's. This struggle between productive and administrative elements has always been going on but lately the liberal left has gained a notable advantage. The power dynamic change drastically when the left aligned itself with the youth movement.

Who can we align with to support us in our struggle against those who would overwhelm us with exactations and limitations and restrictions on our rights?

Christians and those on the Right have not been particularly effective in the way they utilize their resources. They read the parable of the sower, nod their heads sagely and go back to wildly broadcasting the seed of truth.

It behoves us to seek out the weak, the downtrodden, the cast aside, those too weak to be of use to the rulers of this world.

In  business look for the small businessman beset by taxes, restrictions and misaligned loyalties.

There is a war raging, a world war; a war against the nation state and against the rights of owners. The war is a guerilla war, a war of insurgents, of fifth columnists, a war of traitors and those who hate the Nation State it is a way against Patriots and conservatives and universal rights. The enemy is liberalism. Once more it has raised its virulent, corrupt and wounded head. Todays liberalism has a new face. The new liberalism is a composite of feminism, Globalism and Islam.

 Join the war against liberalism.


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