Resistance is not futile, it is necessary for survial. Unless we wish to imagine the world exists to pander to our needs we must resign ourself to fight for the right to exist. The degree with which we need to oppose others is proportionate to the degree its existence is incompatible with our own. The opposition does not come in peace, it comes to occupy, it comes to destroy.

We do not exist as a treasure and a thing of great value to others. We are a restraint and a burdan to others. So it is that to some extent we must earn the right to exist.

The more compatible two lives the less effort survival requires. But there comes a time when your very existence is viewed as a threat to some other life. Fascism is heirarchial and purposeful. Fascist require all life to align with the goals of the group. Basically the goals is power and this entails a gradual centralization of authority.

Demmocracy is decentralizing. It is diametrically opposed to Fascism but fascism is on the rise. It creeps in by subtle means. Fascists divide and conqueor. Often fascists will play the victim. Thisexploits those who are high in empathy. Those who are high in emotional IQ or who are maternal will feel the need to protect someone who seems to be indistress. This gives the fascist power over the compassionate and through them influence can be exerted onto Rationalists. That the victim has the support of those high in sympathymakes their plight more credible. The process is further accentuated by identifying Rationalists as the enemy. The facist and his allies can now gain a sense of power and superiority by working to deprive those on the Right of power.

This process has been going on for many decades, primarily since the 60's. This struggle between fascists and democrats has always been going on but Conservatives have managed to maintain power. The power dynamic change drastically when the left aligned itself with the youth movement. The indocrtrination and high empathy created lasted long enough into the new century to leave the Right on the defensive and shorn of all real leadership.

The Demonization of the Right was made worse with its association with the New World Order and Globalization though these were actually elements of the fascist left.

Fascism comes in many flavours and guises but constant is the lust for power.

The difficulty for an Analytical Rationalists is the diffuse nature of fascism and its ability to like a virus insert itself into many environments. Both left and right have their infestations. A further problem is the preference for fascists to attack the leadership position. This is exhibited in Scripture when Satan tempted Jesus with promises of power if he would pledge allegience. Many influential persons sell their soul for 15 minutes of fame and glory, both on the right and the left.

It can create confusion when we talk of fascism versus conservativism because the right has their share of traitors as well as the left. The New WOrld Order and Globalism is composed of what could be considered Right Wing Fascists. Even the church has a considerable cadre of important persons who betray God and their congregations to increase the volume of donations. But it is the left where fascism has been more focused if only because the poor are more responsive to offers of wealth and power in exchange for political and economic support.

So who can we align with to support us in our struggle against those who would overwhelm us with exactations and limitations and restrictions on our rights? Fundamentalist Christians are the only saints, the only ones who have not stained their clothes with the blood of the just. Yet, ther are many who unaware of the forces arrayed against them have been floating downsteam wondering where they are being carried but unsure of if it makes sense to fight against the current.

Christianss have not been particularly effective in the way they utilize their resources. They read the parable of the sower, nod their heads sagely and go back to wildly broadcasting the seed of truth.

It behoves us to seek out the weak, the downtrodden, the cast aside, those too weak to add to the fascist machine.

In  business look for the small businessman beset by taxes, restrictions and misaligned loyalties. These will listent to the clarion call of the dispossed. Do not go to the rich and the famous, the powerful, the entitled for these are reaping the rewards of fascism and exploitation.

Learn to use the anti-fascist proceedures provided on this site. Create Exchanges these are the key to the resurgance.




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