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If you were given the opportunity to investigate a business whose product eliminated debt and that could be started anywhere by anyone without risk of failure, would you take a look?

What if the business produced and lend Free Money? Conventional wisdom is that debt-free living is not possible in a modern economy but in this system money is debt and is primarily created by debt. In this system of things money is certainly not free.

But if you knew that starting an Exchange with Free Money posed no risk of loss would you investigate further? If you knew Exchanges were so simple to operate they can be started anywhere by anyone using what the person has and knows and can do would you investigate further?

Conventional wisdom has it that the higher the risk the greater the potential gain and conversely that without risk there is no gain. But a business based on a new way to do business using Free Money offers unlimited gain without risk. Does the elimination of risk make the program too good to be true? Conventional wisdom tells us any offer too good to be true probably misrepresents the truth. So would you prefer the risk in starting an Exchange be increased or is conventional wisdom wrong?

Swapping is a form of barter that represents no risk. In a barter exchange an asset is exchanged for another asset of equal value, directly. If risk is eliminated by barter a business and economy based on barter cannot fail. But can an economy based on barter work? Barter eliminates risk but no one wants to barter a cow for a computer. Hence Rational Exchange has developed the idea of swapping using Free Money.

Conventional wisdom sees money as being useful because it allows us to sell our cow for legal tender and then buy a computer or whatever else we need with the money we earned by selling the cow. The problem is not many people have cows and many do not even have a job. Without money people are marginalized. We all however have a head and two hands and we all have some assets. We all have economic value. What we need is the tools to barter what we have and can do for what we need in a way that does not require us to directly change one asset into another.

Swapping is a way for businesses to do business without the need for conventional money sources and the debt that usually accompanies its use. Swapping turns assets, (goods and services), into a quantified amount of value that can be bartered for other goods and services based on the equity represented by the respective assets. Swapping with Free Money eliminates the need and use of traditional debt based money supplies. Swapping exchanges a cow for a secure, quantified asset (equity or shares in an Exchange) that can be in turn bartered for any other commodity or service including a computer. The process is totally secure and risk free and as simple to use as the system in use to day. On fact swapping is easier, safer and more convenient because money is created as needed as equity not as debt.

Swapping is a program that can be implemented by individuals, businesses and governments at all levels. Swapping is perfect for implementing community development. Exchanges can be but are not necessarily set up as a not-for-profit corporation. Shares in the corporation are sold to residents in the community for a nominal cost as low as a dollar per share with a limit of one share per resident shareholder. These compose the voting chares of the corporation.

Shareholders elect a Board of Directors and these appoint an executive. All employees of the corporation are paid in equity that is in non-voting shares. Shareholders barter whatever goods and services they have for a quantified amount of equity in the corporation and use this equity to purchase goods and services. Swapping uses and creates Free Money. Swapping is barter made simple.

Please contact rational@rationalexchange.com for more information about swapping and getting Free Money to start an Exchange.

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