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A Rational Event or Barter Event has been renamed an Exchange Event.

The details of given herein may be modified to suit local requirements. The following is a basic overview and a suggested format. This program is designed to makes the start of an Exchange a media event.

A Rational Event or Exchange Event is when businesses and residents come together to exchange goods and services using a new way to trade called Equity Trading. Exchange Events can be formed as a not-for-profit corporation or alternatively a Social Club. Those who put on the Event are provided one voting share. Members vote in a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors oversee the running of the Event and vote in an Executive whose purpose is the day-to-day operation of the Corporation. They hire additional workers from among the shareholders.

If the group is not large these may be all the same persons in which case voting can be dispensed with.

All those who wish to participate bring their goods and services to the Event and receive shares in the Event equal to the value of the assets made available or some percentage thereof. These are valued by the officers of the corporation appointed to this task or those hired for this purpose. A panel of three persons determine the value to be paid. The value is paid out in shares in the Event. Shares may be redeemed for goods and services during or after the Event.

Members are hired by the corporation to run the displays and sell merchandise and perform any other activities as deemed necessary by the Board or its Executive. Each business or class of business may be allocated its own display or as determined by the Executive in consultation with the Board. All those hired to do the corporations business are paid for in Equity Shares (rollars). Each share is valued at one unit of the national currency, so in dollar denominated terms one share would be valued at one dollar. All goods and services and expenses paid for and incurred by the corporation as internal transfers are valued in terms of shares, each share being valued at one dollar.

The selling of shares may be a way to pay for the registration of a not-for-profit and to defray the costs of marketing the event.

Membership shares are not the same as equity shares. Membership shares are given or sold to the Event organizers on the basis of one person one vote. Equity shares are non-voting shares that serve as the currency of the Event.

It may be stipulated that all goods and services purchased by the corporation for the event not sold during the event must be bought back by the seller at the end of the event for the shares they represent. This allows all outstanding shares to be redeemed. At the end of the event the Exchange Event should be liquidated with no outstanding liabilities.

The equity of the Event may be rolled over into a permanent Exchange if so desired.

Media, local government, businesses, business groups, and individuals are all contacted about holding an Exchange Event. A Facilitator mails flyers and makes phone calls to generate support. If possible a not-for-profit corporation is registered at the outset or when finances makes this possible. Businesses and local governments and individuals may all be willing to provide seed money either as a loan or grant.

A location for the event is required. This could be in a park or in a large building. Ample parking and display space is required. If the event is held outside tents should be supplied. The ability to move goods into and out of the event has to be considered.


Please contact rational@rationalexchange.com for more information about joining our Leadership Team and hosting an Exchange Event.


Revised: August 25, 2013