• Risk encompasses poverty, unemployment, under-employment, marginalization, exploitation and exclusion.

  • Risk is businesses struggling or going broke.

  • Risk is always poses a threat to the loss of assets.

  • By equitizing assets one neutralizes the threat of their loss.

  • Risk is you, your town, city and nation deep in unmanageable debt.

  • Pollution, environmental degradation and the loss of wildlife produces risk because these are debts passed on to future generations.

  • Join our Leadership Team and help eliminate debt. Start an Exchange and help your community become debt free.

  • Exchanges are a risk free way to eliminate debt.

  • Rationality is the ability to neutralize risk by eliminating potential losses. The greater the capacity we have to neutralize risk the more rational our life is and the less outstanding debt we face. No one willingly increases risk. If debt is increasing or not decreasing then you need to learn a more rational way of life.

9 Steps That Eliminate Debt

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