"self-discipline in service"


To help understand the concept of creating accountability a couple of scenarios have been created to describe the process of strengthning the local economy.

 An important aspect of empowering local owners is the concept of ground zero.

Ground zero refers to a persons present or existing state. Ground Zero assumes we each occupy a unique time and place. We are specific content in the totality of society. No ones experience and path is the same as the path and experience of anyone else. Therefore no scenario and no set of instructions will precisely fit any two people's needs.

Each of us hold a specific place in the granular network of society. Society is not an evenly arranged matrix. Some people are tightly connected within a group and others are connected to the group but have just as many or more connections with people outside of the group. Most of us are connected to some extent to several over lapping or continguous groups.

A person in a church will assist with church meals, setup and collecting the offering but may network with a different set of persons when going hunting, or in need of help to get his car started.

Scenario One:  Missions

The empowerment algorithm is very easily implemented as a church program.

A church is to be a light to the world and to do works that reflect faith in obedience to God according to the divine light of Jesus. This promotion of good works in and by the church is generally labelled outreach. Now, surely it is good to do good works. Accountability in the church generally has two often seperate avenues. Outreach refers to the churches local programs and Missions supports activities outside of the churches own mission field. Outreach in this sense is the churches area of direct accountability while Missions assist other programs in working in their area of accountability. This explanation will hopefully help those not familier with the church to understand better how empowerment can improve the churches provision of services.   Church Missions


Scenario Two:  Prisons

Arnold is in a small group at his church. He works at a local prison. He decides to introduce the Exchanges Program to the inmates and guards to see if it can help in rehabilitating prisoners. Read more


Scenario Three:   Business

If you wish to create economic development then empowering local business is the way to do it. Most of us assume businesses are difficult to set up - in this system of things this is generally true. Yet, we are far more invovled in business that we often assume. What seperates our everyday activities from what are referred to as business activities is the formality of the accounting used. business


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