Most people understand entropy to mean wasted energy or heat given off during a mechanical operation. These are the physical manifestations of entropy.

If you observe an organization that creates a great deal of activity and nothing useful you are seeing the effects of limited rationality. If we do not understand the costs of our choices we will not reason well.

Entropy is waste and an effect produced by an inconsistency in our reasoning. We cannot try to create contradictory results and expect this to produce efficient ressults, the idea is mechanically foolish. Lies conflict with reality and with themselves because they are not consistent with either reality or with consciousness.

Waste is the result of a mind in conflict with itself. A serene consciousness is the first step towards sustainable living. A mind that seeks consistency in though is a mind that creates consistency in living.

We cannot create a harmonious world or business if our mind or values are in conflict.

We must correct our own problems and failings before we can correct the wrongs of the world. We cannot seek to eliminate waste and entropy if we do not seek consistentcy in the way we think.