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The Structure Of Choice

The human mind is the choices we make. We make mind by making choices. We are as rational and aware as our choices are ethical and just. Our mind is the choices we make and a reflection of the rationality of those choices. The human spirit makes choices generating mind using the human brain as a human creates transportation using the physical object called a car. Our choices can be constrained by the car we operate or the brain we possess but the important factor is how well we use what we have. Our brain and other possessions are opportunities and gateways to freedom is properly used.

We cannot make wrong choices and expect to exhibit rationality nor will we appear to be blessed with sentience. Awareness demands complience with the logic of rationality. This means our thinking must be consistent with the structure of the world. Our mind must obey the logic of reason or we will exhibit the traits of insanity.

Choices require assets in that all choosing consists of a disbursement of assets. Our ability to think is dependent upon how we value things and thus our priorities. Our ability to pay the cost of our choices is the single delimiting factor in what we can and will choose. We cannot choose to become the President if we cannot pay the costs created by the ambition.

Cheating, defrauding and borrowing does not change the facts. Ultimately not playing by the rules only increases costs and lowers choices. The choices of this world are governed largely by the Demand/Supply equation. But the method used to determine Demand by the economics of liberalism and competition is erronous. Goods and services are supplied at prices that do not always reflect their true costs, profits are made though not all costs are accounted for. Competition rewards those who are able to externalize costs. Competition results in decisions being made on wrong information. Thus costs can accumulate off center stage as it were and out of sight of our ledgers.

Rationality requires humanity to cooperate and improve the world. We need to green the way we think and choose and utilize our assets. Freedom is a community event.

Choices that increase the value of the world are environmentally friendly. If we all worked together and increased the value of the world; the world would not be made worse than it is today. Choices that create more costs than they can cover are bad choices. Choices create structure in that a choice made eliminates other choices. If we choose to buy  a car rather than a truck we can and must make different choices than if we had done the opposite. These options build structure just as our choices would if we had hired carpenters rather than cooks. The more choices we make based on a previous commitment the more competing paths become closed to us the more dedicated we are to a particular path the more consistent our choices become.

The structure of Exchanges allows choices that following other paths do not allow. But the reverse is also true. Exchanges are communities that reward cooperation and green thinking. Rationality and sentience are rewarded becaise Exchanges do not reward actions that seek to externalize costs.

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