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Survival is a risk assessment done from a community perspective. Rational Exchange does not believe the individual is the proper focus for survival issues. We all are too limited individually, we do not have the resources, the skills, nor the raw power to ensure survival on the level of the individual.

Rational Exchange also believes survival is not just about maintaining life it is about gaining an edge, about putting in a buffer zone and community is essential for this. Survival is about assessing the risks and setting out to methodically eliminate them.

Some of the things community can do is to localize the production of all required goods and services. Food production and energy production are the two mainstays but organized protection is also a good option.


Locally sourced electricity and heating is vital. Wooded areas are wise to initiate local charcoal production. Create community based, centrally located food production and preparation facilities equipped with locally sourced electricity. Create assets maps or categlogues of local assets. Combine and utilize tools and equipment in a common facility. Rent out tools and equipment and ensure everyone has access to all the necessary tools for self-sufficiency in a community planned program of sustainability.

Unless we are committed to going it alone a market is needed that focuses our attentions and efforts at the community level, this is where Rational Exchange can be of service.

Transition Initiatives are a good source of information about transitioning to a more sustainable and resilient lifestyle.