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WikiWorks; a business owned and operated by a wikinet for the benefit of members.

WikiNet a group of persons contributing to a Wiki.

WikiNets seek the engagement of all persons. WikiNets focus on a way of use. Each member is expected to be equally engaged. Otherwise disengagement is considered a form of waste, not only of the disengaged person but of those who have failed to engaged someone. If our engagement does not engage others we are not fully engaged ourselves.

WikiBuck a currency created and issued by a wikinet

Wikian a member of a wikinet

a member of The Wikian Party

Rational Wikian is a person who specifically contributes to a Rational Wiki or WikiNet.

The Wikian Party political party promoting wikis and their use

The Wikian Party is a party that promotes engagement both in the party and in the operation and development of society. We believe in a true equality, an equality in which everyone is engaged. Pods of engagement are called wikinets. If this is a business then it is called a wikiwork.

WikiMarkets are an alternative to the free market and specialize in improving engagement

Wikinomics or wikian economics, a new school of thought in economics based on carbon neutrality and wikian ownership

Wikionomics is the study of the economics of not for profit charitable institution based on wikian ownership.

Wikian Ownership a new model of ownership based on the wiki model of organization.


Wiki Rationalist is synonym of wikism or wikiosophy w hich is the philosophy of wikian thought and under lays wikian organization.



Wikist a follower of wikiosophy

Wikism synonym of wiki rationalist or wikiosophy

Wikiology is the study of wikis and wikian organizations; wikinets.

Wikiologist is a professional student of the wikian organizational structure and its philosophical implications.

Rational exchanges are defined as those transactions that are or would be completed if both parties had perfect knoweldge and thus could and would choose the right course of action.




1st Order Principle


carbon cycle

carbon neutrality



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