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Time is entropy. Time runs downhill because everything becomes  less organized over time. This disorder is not created by time it is time. Without disorder, without entropy we would have timelessness. Cars become rusty, shingles curl and shrink, furniture becomes scratched and worn.

Assets represent time well spent. Liabilities are a measure of mismanaged time. Equity is our assets minus total liabilities and gives us our net worth. Effective time management requires we work in ways that create permanent value for the world.

Conflict is entropy and ultimately a waste of time because conflict is destructive and creates costs and any action that creates costs especially costs that society and future generations must pay for should be avoided.

Markets are a way to ensure the most effective use of time is made.

When we make good use of our time then we have progress.

Exchanges are progressive markets that is markets that generate progress. Progress creates choices Choices are contained in assets or things with value. We make choices based on what we have. Progress adds value to the world and to the assets we possess.

Waste is antithetical to progress for waste destroys value and those things with value.





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