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Mankind has Dominion over the earth. This does not mean he has absolute power. No one can say they have this kind of power. No one can change reality, we cannot even create anything in the fundamental sense of the word. All we can do and all anyone does do is modify reality in limited ways.

Dominion means we as humans are accountable. The state of the earth is our responsibility. We have Dominion because we hold ultimate authority for the state of the planet. This is the principle of Stewardship.

The Free Market is a system that makes us accountable. The world is a Free Market and a measure of how well we are doing in a rational sense. The ecology of the earth is a natural free market in which the human Free Market exists as a special case of the more general ecological one.

The state of the earth is a measure of how rational our choices are and to what degree we are fulfilling our role as the Stewards or caretakers of Earth. If we are not generating prosperity for the earth our choices are not rational. We cannot defeat the Free Market nor the rationality of earth. If we are not creating value for the earth we are doing wrong and if we prosper individually in the short term we will not live as free persons. We have to be able to think freely, rationally, if we are to live freely. If we are not acting to increase the wealth of the planet we are not acting or thinking rationally. Hence we will not live as a free person. 


Revised April 23, 2013