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Are You Poor ...

Are you ...

  • poor,

  • unemployed, under-employed, marginalized,

  • exploited,

  • excluded,

  • worried about pollution, environmental degradation, the loss of species diversity, sustainability, resilience, economic shocks and

  • in debt?

join the Democratic Rationalists Party

Poverty, unemployment, debt, inflation and pollution are social costs or costs downloaded onto society and future generations.

Eron was able  to make billions for its shareholders yet nearly destroyed the global economy. A few financial corporations destroyed the U.S. housing market and put the global economy into a recession that still affects us.

Communities are not advanced by the importation of cheap merchandise and the exportation of good paying jobs. Communities, workers and local businesses are not benefitted when jobs are shipped overseas. The environment is not helped when goods must be transported long distances because of excessive centralization and offshoring. Local businesses are not helped when residents lose their jobs and customers ability to buy goods and services decline.   

Laws that let institutions waste what belongs to all of us ought not to be tolerated and society ought not to be left with the bill.   

Institutions that allow costs to be created that society and future generations must pay need to be changed. Why must society pay the costs while a few powerful persons enjoy the benefits?

No one ought to be compelled to pay costs they did not create. Join The Party of Reason, The Democratic Rationalists Party. The party that promotes democracy and opposes fascism whatever its form. Download your copy of 'Human Rights versus Legal Rights' from kindle. 

Rational Exchanges eliminate the need for fascism whatever its form. Fascism produces social costs such as debt, poverty, unemployment and pollution. War, crime and conflict are created when human rights are not respected. Fascists download costs onto society and future generations. The state is not necessary. The struggle against fascism is the fight for human rights and sovereign control over local resources. Join the struggle to overthrow fascism. Join Rational Exchange and download your copy of  Human Rights versus Legal Rights: The Fight To End Fascism

Human Rights versus Legal Rights


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