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Rational Exchange is about rational choices or exchanges. To some extent choices and more expecially economic choices comes down to who controls the money supply. Those who control the money supply to a very large if indirect extent enforce their views and values on all those who are dependent on money to buy and pay for what they need. A market is only as good and effective as its ability to allocate funds and thus to generate information on prices. Rational Exchanges ensure everyone has a clear understanding of the costs of the options they contemplate. 

Assets are things with value and things with market value are referred to as assets.

Things have value (become assets) because they give us marketable choices. True choices are rational choices because they are consistent with our responsibility to engage in transactions that create value for the earth (or all mankind). Things that have the capacity to give us choices are referred to as resources. Air is a resource because it has the ability to give us the choices that life provides. It can be an asset when bottled and sold as compressed air.

Things with value are assets and assets have market value. Things with market value give us choices that can be marketed and produce prosperity and things that give us prosperity (the measure of our ability to make rational choices) are things which we value. So when we waste things of value we waste the source of our ability to market goods and services and to produce prosperity and this is irrational.

Not living up to our capacity to create prosperity is irrational from an economic standpoint. An economic system that wastes resources is irrational.  Waste only makes sense from a limited perspective. This is the central argument of Rational Exchange. If rational choices create value for the world then irrational choices must focus on special interest groups or individuals.

Giving control of the money supply to one group of persons gives power to their vision and values and invalidates a broader and more balanced view. This is why Rational Exchange promotes free market control over the money supply.