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There is a lot of fear about the Muslim influx. These fears ought not to be passed off as just one more example of xenophobia. Canada is a land of immigrants but then the world is peopled by immigrants, we all come from somewhere. But it is also true that we all live somewhere, we are born somewhere and that place of birth is our home. The most profound and legal expression of this place we call home is the nation state.

I believe the nation state is under attack. However, it is important to separate the symptom from the disease. Islam is not the disease it is just a symptom of a much worse malaise.

The problem is not the influx of migrants. This is just the runny nose, the fever. The disease is fascism. Fascism may mutate into a nationalist movement but fascism is about control. As the standard fascist description has it under fascism all is within the state,  nothing outside of the state and nothing against the state. As Mussolina said the keystone of fascism is the state. For Fascism the state is absolute and individuals and groups are relative.

For most thinkers fascism is far right on the political spectrum. But I do not think this makes sense the right tends towards anarchy and personal indepence often under God. It is the left that aligns itself with the state. Even Fascist dictatorship as Germany and Italy were focused on social justice not individual liberty. The error is in seeing Globalists as part of the right.

Our view of nationalism is also associated with fascism due to the rehtoric of Hitler and other fascists. Hitler used his view of nationalism to unite the left looking for social justice with the right who wanted a strong, united nation with a strong identity.

But nationalism is not about imposing ones national identity onto other nations, this is fascism and it is globalism.

Nationalists need to create a strong national identity even to the creation of a new flag to denote a new, strong, national image.

Nationalists must define what it is that makes their nation what it is, it is not about making ones nation great though we need to make it paramount within the boarders of the nation. We need to define the symbols of teh nation and make them absolutely sacrosanct. We need to draw a line in the sand. It is not just about what we do not allow but what we defend with our lives.

Everything that weakens nationalism is fascism and we have to absolutely defend against all encroachments by fascists into the nationalist dialogue.

As mentioned one issue is immigration. It is often said that we are a nation of immigrants. This can be said of any nation. Only Adam and Eve were created where they were and even they were driven out of the garden, from that moment on we were all immigrants or the children of immigrants.

Just because we buy a house does not mean everyone else has a right to move in on the basis that we were not the first owners. We possess this land, it is ours. The fact someone has choosen to leave their land of birth to come to our shores does not obligate us to take them in anymore than they would be obligated to take us in if we chose to go and camp on their boarder.

We need to get rid of politicians who are not nationalists. Canada First. No one has or can have or can even be given the authority to dismantle, weaken, or invalidate the nation state. We cannot give any politician this authority, no politician or party can claim this authority. We are all caretakers of this land. Our job is to preserve it as others preserved it for us. This is our sacred right. It is our obligation.

Support nationalists parties. For the most part the established parties are lost to us. Unless the National Front can recapture the Conservative Party and restructure it as a pro-nationalist party we need to support new political voices, such as the National Allience Party and the National Advancement Party  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1058859800903545/





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