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World Peace

World Peace has become something of an unfunny joke. The joke is of course that believing in world peace is veiwed as naive idealism.

It may seem far fetched to suggest a cause for war and indeed all forms of conflict and dissension and to potulate that by identifying this as the cause it is possible to propose a solution but it is fair to say that war is never waged to reduce a nations influence nor prosecuted with the intention of downsizing the national prestige. War is as much about the national ego as anything else.

The one certainty that has been established to the detriment of rash autocrats is that war is expensive and cannot be waged without a large supply of cash or debt. Even the U.S. President may declare war but be left without the funds to wage it if he is not certain of the consent of the Congress because it is Congress that controls the countries purse strings.

War is expensive in the worst possible way. The solution to war is not the erection of instutitional barriers which usually can be worked around. Not only do these not work they are themselves expensive. This is borne our by the Leaque of Nations and the United Nations and lesser consortiums.

Wars are generally waged on the international level, between nations over global issues. The more difficult it is to engage in global adventures the harder it will be to wage war. The more we push spending down to the local level the more likely it is that conflict will be halted before it becomes violent. The fact is that the more the funding of war is made conditional upon the consent of the governed the less likely war will be funded other than a defensive one. These are the general outlines of a workable peace process. The specifics are contained in the development of Exchanges.

The point is the more funding is contained within the confines of a community the harder it is for higher level decisions to over ride local concerns.



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